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sazeracs, smoky ink


Our Signature Recipe

1 1/2 oz. glittering phrases and heartbreaking observations you’ve collected over the years in a small leather journal

1/4 oz. the desire to transcend through literature

1 long rainstorm, curled up in a reading nook

Three dashes of the sparkle and wit that reside deep within your spine

Strain into a glass. Add a peel of chirping laughter for garnish. Drink with friends in a dark wooden stairwell.

Served: Straight up, without ice

Drinkware: Old Fashioned Glass

our mission. 

Sazeracs, Smoky Ink is about convening around the table with great literature. It’s where you light a candle and pop open a bottle with your favorite writers. 


We’re interested in publishing stories that uplift and appreciate all facets of the human experience. We’re looking for writing that feels authentic, intimate and empathetic. We accept fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, essays and interviews. All work should be previously unpublished. (Please see our submission guidelines for more information.)

We believe that literature and the dialogue it nourishes are the hallmarks of strong communities. Founded in 2021 by three writers from The New School’s Creative Writing MFA program, this literary magazine promotes an ethos of openness, to minimize harm and emphasize care. Each issue invites you into our dinner party where your palate will be enriched by a serving of literature. There is always a seat open for you in our salon.


So, add another sugarcube to your glass and turn the page.

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