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February 2022

3 Poems by Sophie Kearing

my nostalgic side was like can we go back to the days of landlines

Sophie Kearing

February 12, 2022

3 Poems by Sophie Kearing


landlines, answering machines, and sandra bullock

on thursday night

i was watching premonition

on netflix

my nostalgic side was like

can we go back

to the days of


if you weren’t home

their calls weren’t known

there’s something so

angsty but


about that

answering machines

you’d wait on bated breath

to hear the words they left

there’s something so

pathetic but


about that

sandra bullock

if she was starring, damn it sold

now everyone just thinks she’s old

there’s something so

typical but


about that

and then I was like

what are these thoughts

bitch, i need my iphone

so I can

send shitty texts

never check my voicemails

and rarely watch a movie

from 2007



i rose trembling through

wet earth and skinny roots

vibrating with ire

that i saved just for you


you and your mom

you and your deflating mother

writhe over my bed

two gray and fading specters

wishing you had wed

Sophie Kearing is a writer of mediocre poetry and passable fiction. Her work has been picked up by Ellipsis Zine, Popshot Quarterly, Lumiere Review, Moonchild Magazine, Lunate Literary Journal, New Pop Lit, Litro UK, and other publications. She was nominated for a 2019 Pushcart Prize and is currently working on a YA novel. Twitter: @SophieKearing.

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