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August 2021

Double Drowned

The early bird drinks coffee from its fountain

By Wil Turner

August 5, 2021

Double Drowned

I’m thinking of all the things we drown.

How we drown colors in light.

How we drown canvas in paint.

The ways in which we drown out the outside world.

To drown something is to mute it.

Just how hard is it to hear someone screaming underwater?

The early bird drinks coffee from its fountain.

Does it sing of sunrises?

Its notes double drowned beneath a bitter brown infused wingebeat?

Wilbert Turner III is a writer from Philadelphia who writes about the tremors that ripple from the margins of society all the way to the centers of power. A graduate of the New School's MFA you can find him on social media at @Wil_to_Win and his podcast Viewer Digression on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all other platforms.


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